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Diamonds are the earths' purest gemstone. They are composed of only a single element: pure carbon and of these, pink are the rarest.

At first glance two diamonds can appear alike but in fact each one is very different. There are four characteristics that will help you when buying a diamond, they are commonly known as the four C's. Our team will help you with the decision process and explain these aspects more clearly. We recognise that this is an expensive and emotional purchase and we will provide you with all the information and selection to help you with your decision.

The four components that will help you when selecting a diamond are: Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat weight. The value of a diamond is determined using these four components.

Cut – the arrangement of the diamonds surfaces (facets). To bring out the best in a pink diamond it needs to be accurately cut and in the best proportions to achieve maximum brilliance, sparkle, and the best of its colour.

Colour – the range of natural colours go from natural black all the way to the purest white. Pink diamonds (the rarest of colours) are valued according to their depth of colour and colour tonings.

Clarity – this is to do with the internal features (inclusions) and any surface blemishes that are visible under 10x magnification. Some inclusions can be white and to the side which are more desirable than black carbon marks under the table of the stone and yet both stones can be graded the same. This catches a lot of people out, especially when buying on the internet.

Carat – is a standard unit of weight for diamonds.

A special note that fluorescence is found in up to a third of diamonds. Our experience, of over 40 years in the industry, we find that some fluorescence is actually preferred as it can enhance the brightness of the stone. GIA studies show that in many instances observers prefer the appearance of diamonds that have medium to strong fluorescence and we have also found this to be the case.

The pink diamonds, mined from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, are separated into four primary categories: PP - purplish pink, P -pink, PR – pink rose and PC - pink champagne. These colours are then graded according to strength of a colour in a range from faint to very intense.

Diamonds used by P.D.A are from the Argyle mine and therefore have two very unique qualities. They are harder than most other diamonds and may have fluorescence. This means that on a day with high U.V. levels your diamond will shimmer and sparkle with even more beautiful flashes.

The final valuation of a diamond can only be made by the human eye despite many advances in technology. Each stone is individually examined and decisions are based on clarity, size, shape and colour. Pink Diamonds Australia prides itself on offering only high quality diamonds for you to fall in love with.

Pink Diamonds Australia are exclusive agents for Australian Gem Mines Pty Ltd (AGM), and guarantee all of our diamonds to be conflict free.